Marshall Sabatini is an award-winning residential and commercial architecture firm serving the greater Philadelphia area and beyond.


Our Intentional Approach

Design. Form. Function. These words are never cliché to us. And because all three collectively fuel our approach, we can provide the level of detail you need for a well- executed construction process, but also the creativity you crave to make an old space new, or create a new physical reality from nothing…except the vision in your head.

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Far-Reaching Capabilities

In Pennsylvania our offices are located along the Main Line, immediately outside of Philadelphia and also in the Poconos, but the Marshall Sabatini architecture firm is registered in 15 different states across the country. We have experience working virtually offsite, but can also travel to wherever your project is located.

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Constant Collaboration

From your perspective: when we’re working on your home or office building with a contractor, we look like one team. From our perspective: that’s how it should be. Marshall Sabatini has years of experience when it comes to effective collaboration; we can partner with your consultants and contractors or recommend one of ours.

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Non-Financial Decisions

Residential and commercial structures are more than financial investments, especially when considering how much time we spend inside them. We want to feel energized where we work and relaxed where we rest. Marshall Sabatini architects are not afraid to meet your design expectations head on. We strive to surpass them.

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About Us

You value design. In fact, you are quite aware of how a great space (or lack of one) affects your day-to-day life at work and at home. People don’t just hire Marshall Sabatini for a great design concept, they hire us to be confident. Our clients want to know that they will be thrilled with the outcome, after their hearts, souls, and finances have been invested into a project. You might be planning the vacation home of your dreams, remodeling a tenant fit-out for your new office space, embarking on a large commercial project, or incorporating modern amenities into a historic home. With every new project we understand that there are problems to be solved and details to be thought through. From day one, the architects at Marshall Sabatini accept your design challenges as our own. We specialize in exceptional residential and commercial architecture. Our experience, creativity, and ability to implement our clients’ objectives into designs are the reasons why clients choose to work with us, and also why they come back again. Learn more about why people hire an architect.
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